sazedR (2.0.0)

Parameter-Free Domain-Agnostic Season Length Detection in Time Series.

Spectral and Average Autocorrelation Zero Distance Density ('sazed') is a method for estimating the season length of a seasonal time series. 'sazed' is aimed at practitioners, as it employs only domain-agnostic preprocessing and does not depend on parameter tuning or empirical constants. The computation of 'sazed' relies on the efficient autocorrelation computation methods suggested by Thibauld Nion (2012, URL: ) and by Bob Carpenter (2012, URL: ).

Maintainer: Tiago Santos
Author(s): Maximilian Toller [aut], Tiago Santos [aut, cre], Roman Kern [aut]

License: GPL-2

Uses: bspec, dplyr, fftwtools, pracma, zoo

Released 7 months ago.