selectiongain (

Expected gain from multistages selection.

This package calculate the gain from selection, which is described by Cochran (1951). For one-stage selection the gain is defined as \eqn{\Delta G (y) = i \rho_{y} \rho_{1}}, where \eqn{i} is the selection intensity, \eqn{\rho_{1}} is the correlation between the true breeding value and the selection index \eqn{y} (Utz1969). The numerical calculation is based on Tallis' algorithm (Tallis1961).

Maintainer: Xuefei Mi
Author(s): Xuefei Mi, Friedrich Utz, Albrecht E. Melchinger (Project contact person: Melchinger at )

License: GPL-2

Uses: mvtnorm

Released about 8 years ago.