sensitivity (1.3-0)

Sensitivity Analysis.

This package allows to perform sensitivity analyses within the R environment. Implemented methods are : linear sensitivity analysis (SRC, PCC, rank analysis), the screening method of Morris, the Sobol global sensitivity indices (two methods of estimation), and the FAST method.

Maintainer: Bertrand Iooss
Author(s): Gilles Pujol (this package was originally developped at Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique CEA, Service d'Etudes et de Simulation du Comportement des Combustibles CEA/DEN/CAD/DEC/SESC, France ; the author would like to thank : Patrick Obry, Bertrand Iooss, Claire Cannamela and Frederic Michel).

License: CeCILL version 2

Uses: boot
Reverse depends: fanovaGraph, ODEsensitivity
Reverse suggests: BayesianTools, GNE, pse

Released about 13 years ago.