seqminer (7.0)

Efficiently Read Sequence Data (VCF Format, BCF Format, METAL Format and BGEN Format) into R.

Integrate sequencing data (Variant call format, e.g. VCF or BCF) or meta-analysis results in R. This package can help you (1) read VCF/BCF/BGEN files by chromosomal ranges (e.g. 1:100-200); (2) read RareMETAL summary statistics files; (3) read tables from a tabix-indexed files; (4) annotate VCF/BCF files; (5) create customized workflow based on Makefile.

Maintainer: Xiaowei Zhan
Author(s): Xiaowei Zhan [aut, cre], Dajiang Liu [aut], Attractive Chaos [cph] (We have used the following software and made minimal necessary changes: Tabix, Heng Li <> (MIT license). We removed standard IO related functions, e.g. printf, fprintf ; also changed its un-safe pointer arithmetics.), Broad Institute / Massachusetts Institute of Technology [cph], Genome Research Ltd (GRL) [cph], Facebook, Inc [cph]

License: GPL | file LICENSE

Uses: testthat, SKAT
Reverse depends: GenoScan, STARSEQ, WGScan
Reverse suggests: FREGAT, SKAT, sumFREGAT

Released 10 months ago.