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Utilities from 'Seminar fuer Statistik' ETH Zurich.


Useful utilities ['goodies'] from Seminar fuer Statistik ETH Zurich, some of which were ported from S-plus in the 1990's. For graphics, have pretty (Log-scale) axes, an enhanced Tukey-Anscombe plot, combining histogram and boxplot, 2d-residual plots, a 'tachoPlot()', pretty arrows, etc. For robustness, have a robust F test and robust range(). For system support, notably on Linux, provides 'Sys.*()' functions with more access to system and CPU information. Finally, miscellaneous utilities such as simple efficient prime numbers, integer codes, Duplicated(), toLatex.numeric() and is.whole().

Maintainer: Martin Maechler
Author(s): Martin Maechler [aut, cre] (<https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8685-9910>), Werner Stahel [ctb] (Functions: compresid2way(), f.robftest(), last(), p.scales(), p.dnorm()), Andreas Ruckstuhl [ctb] (Functions: p.arrows(), p.profileTraces(), p.res.2x()), Christian Keller [ctb] (Functions: histBxp(), p.tachoPlot()), Kjetil Halvorsen [ctb] (Functions: KSd(), ecdf.ksCI()), Alain Hauser [ctb] (Functions: cairoSwd(), is.whole(), toLatex.numeric()*), Christoph Buser [ctb] (to function Duplicated()), Lorenz Gygax [ctb] (to function p.res.2fact()), Bill Venables [ctb] (Functions: empty.dimnames(), primes()), Tony Plate [ctb] (to inv.seq()), Isabelle Flckiger [ctb], Marcel Wolbers [ctb], Markus Keller [ctb], Sandrine Dudoit [ctb], Jane Fridlyand [ctb], Greg Snow [ctb] (to loessDemo()), Henrik Aa. Nielsen [ctb] (to loessDemo()), Vincent Carey [ctb], Ben Bolker [ctb], Philippe Grosjean [ctb], Frdric Ibanez [ctb], Caterina Savi [ctb], Charles Geyer [ctb], Jens Oehlschlgel [ctb]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: Matrix, cluster, lattice, lokern, nlme, MASS
Enhances: mgcv, nor1mix, rpart, sm, polycor, tikzDevice
Reverse depends: ascrda, catIrt, catR, ChemometricsWithR, CryptRndTest, ddalpha, Demerelate, distr, FrF2, ICEbox, lokern, lordif, modiscloud, npsf, pcalg, pcaPA, plfm, polycor, random.polychor.pa, RTDAmeritrade, sirt, TAM, TTS
Reverse suggests: alphastable, Bessel, CDM, ChemometricsWithR, copula, corrgram, expm, lme4, longmemo, nacopula, pcalg, qrmtools, Rmpfr, robustbase, sirt, stabledist, TAM
Reverse enhances: Matrix

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