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Web Application Framework for R.

Makes it incredibly easy to build interactive web applications with R. Automatic "reactive" binding between inputs and outputs and extensive prebuilt widgets make it possible to build beautiful, responsive, and powerful applications with minimal effort.

Maintainer: Winston Chang
Author(s): Winston Chang [aut, cre], Joe Cheng [aut], JJ Allaire [aut], Yihui Xie [aut], Jonathan McPherson [aut], RStudio [cph], jQuery Foundation [cph] (jQuery library and jQuery UI library), jQuery contributors [ctb, cph] (jQuery library; authors listed in inst/www/shared/jquery-AUTHORS.txt), jQuery UI contributors [ctb, cph] (jQuery UI library; authors listed in inst/www/shared/jqueryui/AUTHORS.txt), Mark Otto [ctb] (Bootstrap library), Jacob Thornton [ctb] (Bootstrap library), Bootstrap contributors [ctb] (Bootstrap library), Twitter, Inc [cph] (Bootstrap library), Alexander Farkas [ctb, cph] (html5shiv library), Scott Jehl [ctb, cph] (Respond.js library), Stefan Petre [ctb, cph] (Bootstrap-datepicker library), Andrew Rowls [ctb, cph] (Bootstrap-datepicker library), Dave Gandy [ctb, cph] (Font-Awesome font), Brian Reavis [ctb, cph] (selectize.js library), Kristopher Michael Kowal [ctb, cph] (es5-shim library), es5-shim contributors [ctb, cph] (es5-shim library), Denis Ineshin [ctb, cph] (ion.rangeSlider library), Sami Samhuri [ctb, cph] (Javascript strftime library), SpryMedia Limited [ctb, cph] (DataTables library), John Fraser [ctb, cph] (showdown.js library), John Gruber [ctb, cph] (showdown.js library), Ivan Sagalaev [ctb, cph] (highlight.js library), R Core Team [ctb, cph] (tar implementation from R)

License: GPL-3 | file LICENSE

Uses: digest, htmltools, httpuv, jsonlite, mime, R6, sourcetools, xtable, Cairo, ggplot2, testthat, knitr, markdown, magrittr, rmarkdown
Reverse depends: ANOVAreplication, AnthropMMD, archivist, CLME, complexity, crunchy, datacheck, diveRsity, DSAIDE, DynNom, easySdcTable, ECharts2Shiny, edgar, EmiStatR, EMMAgeo, EurosarcBayes, Factoshiny, ggedit, gmDatabase, gwdegree, ICSShiny, idefix, ifaTools, KappaGUI, kgc, meta4diag, MetaAnalyser, mirtCAT, multichull, paramGUI, pathfindR, phenology, plotSEMM, QCA, RJafroc, seasonalview, SHELF, ShinyImage, shinystan, skeleSim, skpr, Sofi, sparkTable, statnetWeb, SubVis, TeachBayes, teachingApps, wallace
Reverse suggests: ahp, AMModels, antitrust, archivist, arulesViz, backpipe, basictabler, BayesNetBP, beanz, benchmarkme, benchmarkmeData, BIGL, bigQueryR, billboarder, blogdown, bookdown, bsplus, canvasXpress, cbsodataR, colorspace, compareGroups, condformat, condvis, covr, credsubs, cronR, d3heatmap, d3Tree, datamaps, deisotoper, diffr, DT, dynamichazard, eemR, embryogrowth, epicontacts, EpiModel, evaluator, fanplot, flacco, flora, formatR, formattable, GDINA, geneSLOPE, getTBinR, ggExtra, ggiraph, gitlabr, googleAnalyticsR, googleAuthR, googleVis, HARtools, HelpersMG, highlightHTML, idem, iheatmapr, ImportExport, inlabru, ipumsr, koRpus, LDAvis, leaflet, leaflet.minicharts, likert, listviewer, metricsgraphics, mirt, mlr, mlxR, nbc4va, netrankr, pcadapt, pdfsearch, phenology,, pitchRx, PivotalR, pivottabler, plotly, pmatch, polmineR, PopED, powerlmm, prioritizr, qqplotr, radarchart, rAmCharts, rangeMapper, RDML, reactR, recmap, repo, reprex, RGA, rhandsontable, Rilostat, RInno, ripums, rivr, rmarkdown, Rnightlights, RQuantLib, rsconnect, rtimicropem, ruv, rwalkr, RxODE, sadists, scdhlm, SDEFSR, sdm, SDR, searchConsoleR, seasonal, shotGroups, sigmaNet, SimDesign, simglm, slickR, solvebio, sparkline, SqlRender, subscreen, synthACS, tabplot, taskscheduleR, texPreview, tigerstats, timeline, tmaptools, TreeSearch, VineCopula, visNetwork, VizOR, webshot, weco, weightr, wiqid, zscorer
Reverse enhances: collapsibleTree, dygraphs, htmlwidgets, JMbayes, networkD3, PivotalR, rbokeh, rhandsontable, rpivotTable, scatterD3, threejs, wordcloud2

Released 8 months ago.

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