shiny (0.11)

Web Application Framework for R.

Shiny makes it incredibly easy to build interactive web applications with R. Automatic "reactive" binding between inputs and outputs and extensive pre-built widgets make it possible to build beautiful, responsive, and powerful applications with minimal effort.

Maintainer: Winston Chang
Author(s): Winston Chang [aut, cre], RStudio [cph], jQuery Foundation [cph] (jQuery library and jQuery UI library), jQuery contributors [ctb, cph] (jQuery library; authors listed in inst/www/shared/jquery-AUTHORS.txt), jQuery UI contributors [ctb, cph] (jQuery UI library; authors listed in inst/www/shared/jqueryui/1.10.4/AUTHORS.txt), Mark Otto [ctb] (Bootstrap library), Jacob Thornton [ctb] (Bootstrap library), Bootstrap contributors [ctb] (Bootstrap library), Twitter, Inc [cph] (Bootstrap library), Alexander Farkas [ctb, cph] (html5shiv library), Scott Jehl [ctb, cph] (Respond.js library), Stefan Petre [ctb, cph] (Bootstrap-datepicker library), Andrew Rowls [ctb, cph] (Bootstrap-datepicker library), Dave Gandy [ctb, cph] (Font-Awesome font), Brian Reavis [ctb, cph] (selectize.js library), Kristopher Michael Kowal [ctb, cph] (es5-shim library), es5-shim contributors [ctb, cph] (es5-shim library), Denis Ineshin [ctb, cph] (ion.rangeSlider library), SpryMedia Limited [ctb, cph] (DataTables library), John Fraser [ctb, cph] (showdown.js library), John Gruber [ctb, cph] (showdown.js library), Ivan Sagalaev [ctb, cph] (highlight.js library), R Core Team [ctb, cph] (tar implementation from R)

License: GPL-3 | file LICENSE

Uses: Does not use any package
Reverse depends: ANOVAreplication, AnthropMMD, archivist, BDP2, CLME, cocktailApp, complexity, crunchy, CTTinShiny, datacheck, diveRsity, dragulaR, DSAIDE, DSAIRM, DynNom, easySdcTable, ECharts2Shiny, edgar, EmiStatR, EMMAgeo, epimdr, EurosarcBayes, Factoshiny, ggedit, ggraptR, gmDatabase, gwdegree, ICSShiny, idefix, ifaTools, KappaGUI, kgc, meta4diag, MetaAnalyser, mirtCAT, mrMLM.GUI, multichull, optimStrat, paramGUI, pathfindR, PELVIS, phenology, plotSEMM, QCA, QTL.gCIMapping, QTL.gCIMapping.GUI, rblt, Repliscope, RJafroc, SEA, seasonalview, serieslcb, SHELF, ShinyImage, shinystan, skeleSim, skpr, Sofi, sparkTable, statnetWeb, SubVis, TeachBayes, teachingApps, wallace
Reverse suggests: ahp, AMModels, analysisPipelines, antitrust, archivist, arulesViz, backpipe, basictabler, BayesNetBP, BCEA, beanz, benchmarkme, benchmarkmeData, BIGL, bigQueryR, billboarder, blogdown, bookdown, bpbounds, bsplus, canvasXpress, cbsodataR, chromoMap, cNORM, colorspace, compareGroups, condformat, condvis, covr, credsubs, cronR, crunch, CTRE, d3heatmap, d3Tree, datamaps, deisotoper, diffr, DRomics, DT, dynamichazard, echarts4r, eemR, embryogrowth, epicontacts, EpiModel, evaluator, fanplot, flacco, flora, formatR, formattable, frequency, g3viz, GDINA, geneSLOPE, getTBinR, ggExtra, ggiraph, gitlabr, googleAnalyticsR, googleAuthR, googleLanguageR, googleVis, HARtools, HelpersMG, highcharter, highlightHTML, idem, iheatmapr, ImportExport, inlabru, ipumsr, koRpus, LDAvis, leaflet, leaflet.minicharts, likert, linpk, listviewer, metamer, metricsgraphics, mirt, mizer, mlr, mlxR, MODIStsp, nbc4va, netrankr, nlgeocoder, ParallelLogger, pcadapt, pdfsearch, phenology,, pitchRx, PivotalR, pivottabler, plotly, pmatch, polmineR, PopED, powerlmm, prioritizr, processanimateR, qqplotr, r2d3, radarchart, radix, RagGrid, rAmCharts, rangeMapper, RDML, reactR, recmap, repo, reprex, RGA, rhandsontable, Rilostat, RInno, ripums, rivr, rmarkdown, Rnightlights, RQuantLib, rsconnect, rtimicropem, ruv, rwalkr, RxODE, sadists, scdhlm, SDEFSR, sdm, SDR, searchConsoleR, seasonal, shotGroups, sigmaNet, SimDesign, simglm, SingleCaseES, slickR, solvebio, sparkline, SqlRender, subscreen, synthACS, tabplot, tabulizer, taskscheduleR, testextra, texPreview, tigerstats, timeline, tmaptools, trade, TreeSearch, VineCopula, visNetwork, VizOR, webshot, weco, weightr, wiqid, zscorer
Reverse enhances: collapsibleTree, dygraphs, htmlwidgets, JMbayes, networkD3, PivotalR, rbokeh, rhandsontable, rpivotTable, scatterD3, threejs, wordcloud2

Released about 4 years ago.