shinyML (0.1.1)

Compare H20 or Spark Supervised Regression Models Using Shiny App.

Implementation of a shiny app to easily compare supervised regression model performances. You provide the data and configure each model parameter directly on the shiny app. Four main supervised learning algorithms can be tested either on Spark or H2O frameworks to suit your regression problem on a given time series. Implementation of these time series forecasting methods on R has been done by Shmueli and Lichtendahl (2015, ISBN:0991576632).

Maintainer: Jean Bertin
Author(s): Jean Bertin

License: GPL-3

Uses: data.table, dplyr, DT, dygraphs, ggplot2, h2o, plotly, shinycssloaders, shinydashboard, shinyWidgets, sparklyr, tidyr, testthat, knitr, rmarkdown, covr

Released 14 days ago.