shinyjs (

Perform Common JavaScript Operations in Shiny Apps using Plain R Code.

Perform common JavaScript operations in Shiny applications without having to know any JavaScript. Many useful JavaScript functions are made available by shinyjs with a simple R interface so that you don't have to write any JavaScript code. Even if you do know JavaScript, shinyjs can be used as convenience functions to avoid dealing with message passing and writing JavaScript code.

Maintainer: Dean Attali
Author(s): Dean Attali [aut, cre]

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: shiny, testthat, knitr
Reverse depends: Factoshiny, ggraptR, RSCAT, ShinyImage, stmgui
Reverse suggests: ahp, auth0, cmsaf, colorspace, compareGroups, DRomics, EML, ggExtra, googleLanguageR, kgschart, microsamplingDesign, RDML, reprex, Sofi, solvebio, TestDesign, tigerstats, tmaptools

Released over 4 years ago.