signal (0.6-2)

Signal processing.

A set of generally Matlab/Octave-compatible signal processing functions. Includes filter generation utilities, filtering functions, resampling routines, and visualization of filter models. It also includes interpolation functions and some Matlab comparability functions.

Maintainer: Uwe Ligges
Author(s): Tom Short <>

License: GPL-2

Uses: MASS
Reverse depends: ChemometricsWithR, eegkit, gem, gemlog, GENEAclassify, hsdar, IQMNMR, MALDIrppa, matrixProfile, PEIP, ProTrackR, Rivivc, TDD
Reverse suggests: biosignalEMG, ChemometricsWithR, ChemoSpec, DataVisualizations, GGIR, GPoM, kitagawa, seewave, swdft

Released over 8 years ago.