sirt (1.14-0)

Supplementary Item Response Theory Models.

Supplementary item response theory models to complement existing functions in R, including multidimensional compensatory and noncompensatory IRT models, MCMC for hierarchical IRT models and testlet models, NOHARM, Rasch copula model, faceted and hierarchical rater models, ordinal IRT model (ISOP), DETECT statistic, local structural equation modeling (LSEM), mean and covariance structure modelling for multivariate normally distributed data.

Maintainer: Alexander Robitzsch
Author(s): Alexander Robitzsch [aut,cre]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: CDM, coda, combinat, gtools, ic.infer, igraph, lavaan, lavaan.survey, MASS, Matrix, MCMCpack, mirt, mvtnorm, pbivnorm, plyr, psych, Rcpp, sfsmisc, sm, survey, TAM, miceadds, LSAmitR
Reverse suggests: CDM, LSAmitR, mirt, STARTS, TAM

Released 9 months ago.