sirt (2.5-45)

Supplementary Item Response Theory Models.

Supplementary functions for item response models aiming to complement existing R packages. The functionality includes among others multidimensional compensatory and noncompensatory IRT models (Reckase, 2009, ), MCMC for hierarchical IRT models and testlet models (Fox, 2010, ), NOHARM (Fraser & McDonald, 1982, ), Rasch copula model (Braeken, 2011, ; Schroeders, Robitzsch & Schipolowski, 2014, ), faceted and hierarchical rater models (DeCarlo, Kim & Johnson, 2011, ), ordinal IRT model (ISOP; Scheiblechner, 1995, ), DETECT statistic (Stout et al., 1996, ), local structural equation modeling (LSEM; Hildebrandt et al., 2016, ).

Maintainer: Alexander Robitzsch
Author(s): Alexander Robitzsch [aut,cre]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: CDM, coda, lavaan, lavaan.survey, MASS, mirt, mvtnorm, Rcpp, sfsmisc, survey, TAM, Matrix, gtools, igraph, psych, sm, ic.infer, pbivnorm, miceadds
Reverse depends: subscore
Reverse suggests: bisect, CDM, dextergui, LSAmitR, miceadds, mirt, STARTS, TAM
Reverse enhances: mnlfa

Released over 1 year ago.