sjlabelled (1.0.0)

Labelled Data Utility Functions.

Collection of functions to work with labelled data to read and write data between R and other statistical software packages like 'SPSS', 'SAS' or 'Stata', and to work with labelled data. This includes easy ways to get, set or change value and variable label attributes, to convert labelled vectors into factors or numeric (and vice versa), or to deal with multiple declared missing values.

Maintainer: Daniel Luedecke
Author(s): Daniel Ldecke <>

License: GPL-3

Uses: dplyr, haven, magrittr, purrr, tibble, Hmisc, knitr, sjPlot, rmarkdown, sjmisc
Reverse suggests: miceadds, moonBook, pmdplyr

Released over 2 years ago.