skpr (0.35.1)

Design of Experiments Suite: Generate and Evaluate Optimal Designs.

Generates and evaluates D, I, A, Alias, E, T, and G optimal designs. Supports generation and evaluation of split/split-split/.../N-split plot designs. Includes parametric and Monte Carlo power evaluation functions, and supports calculating power for censored responses. Provides a framework to evaluate power using functions provided in other packages or written by the user. Includes a Shiny graphical user interface that displays the underlying code used to create and evaluate the design to improve ease-of-use and enhance reproducibility.

Maintainer: Tyler Morgan-Wall
Author(s): Tyler Morgan-Wall [aut, cre], George Khoury [aut]

License: GPL-3

Uses: doParallel, foreach, iterators, lme4, nlme, Rcpp, rintrojs, shiny, shinythemes, survival, testthat

Released over 2 years ago.