slam (0.1-18)

Sparse Lightweight Arrays and Matrices.

Data structures and algorithms for sparse arrays and matrices, based on index arrays and simple triplet representations, respectively.

Maintainer: David Meyer
Author(s): Kurt Hornik, David Meyer, Christian Buchta

License: GPL-2

Uses: Does not use any package
Reverse depends: biogram, BullsEyeR, cherry, designmatch, gamlr, qlcMatrix, R.temis, RcmdrPlugin.temis, Rcplex, Rglpk, sdcTable, textir, topicmodels
Reverse suggests: CVXR, DoE.MIParray, e1071, ECOSolveR, h2o, icarus, ivmte, movMF, quanteda, RcppArmadillo, rmumps, ROI.plugin.lpsolve, ROI.plugin.neos, scs, sigora, sprint, WeightIt, wordcloud
Reverse enhances: coop, OptimalDesign, Rsymphony

Released about 9 years ago.