sn (0.4-12)

The skew-normal and skew-t distributions.

Functions for manipulating skew-normal and skew-t probability distributions, and for fitting them to data, in the scalar and in the multivariate case.

Maintainer: Adelchi Azzalini
Author(s): Adelchi Azzalini <>

License: GPL-2

Uses: mnormt
Reverse depends: ALDqr, BLCOP, copula, enveomics.R, fAssets, fCopulae, fMultivar, gcmr, GOFSN, LIHNPSD, MAINT.Data, MCMCtreeR, mr, NPCirc, Rgbp, SGP, skewtools, tclust
Reverse suggests: bayespack, BLCOP, DepthProc, fCopulae, fic, fitteR, mi, PerformanceAnalytics, ProFit, qrmtools, SGP, ssym, symmetry, tclust

Released over 10 years ago.