spANOVA (0.99.2)

Spatial Analysis of Field Trials Experiments using Geostatistics and Spatial Autoregressive Model.

Perform analysis of variance when the experimental units are spatially correlated. There are two methods to deal with spatial dependence: Spatial autoregressive models (see Rossoni, D. F., & Lima, R. R. (2019) ) and geostatistics (see Pontes, J. M., & Oliveira, M. S. D. (2004) ). For both methods, there are three multicomparison procedure available: Tukey, multivariate T, and Scott-Knott.

Maintainer: Lucas Roberto de Castro
Author(s): Lucas Roberto de Castro, Renato Ribeiro de Lima, Diogo Francisco Rossoni, Cristina Henriques Nogueira

License: GPL-3

Uses: ape, car, DT, geoR, gtools, knitr, MASS, Matrix, multcomp, multcompView, mvtnorm, rmarkdown, ScottKnott, shiny, shinyBS, shinycssloaders, shinythemes, spatialreg, spdep, xtable

Released about 1 month ago.