spam (2.1-1)

SPArse Matrix.

Set of functions for sparse matrix algebra. Differences with other sparse matrix packages are: (1) we only support (essentially) one sparse matrix format, (2) based on transparent and simple structure(s), (3) tailored for MCMC calculations within G(M)RF. (4) and it is fast and scalable (with the extension package spam64).

Maintainer: Reinhard Furrer
Author(s): Reinhard Furrer [aut, cre], Florian Gerber [ctb], Daniel Gerber [ctb], Kaspar Moesinger [ctb], Youcef Saad [ctb] (SPARSEKIT, Esmond G. Ng [ctb] (Fortran Cholesky routines), Barry W. Peyton [ctb] (Fortran Cholesky routines), Joseph W.H. Liu [ctb] (Fortran Cholesky routines), Alan D. George [ctb] (Fortran Cholesky routines)

License: LGPL-2

Uses: dotCall64, Matrix, R.rsp, SparseM, fields, testthat, truncdist, spam64
Reverse depends: autoFRK, CARBayes, chillR, CircSpatial, CollocInfer, copCAR, earlywarnings, esd4all, excursions, fields, gamlss.spatial, gamlss.util, latticeDensity, LatticeKrig, ltsk, mvMORPH, pencopula, rworldmap, smnet, splm, spThin, varycoef
Reverse suggests: bipartite, CompRandFld, dotCall64, gapfill, gear, gptk, MRIaggr, optimParallel, RandomFields, rworldmap, spam64, spatialreg, spdep
Reverse enhances: slam

Released over 2 years ago.