speff2trial (1.0.2)

Semiparametric efficient estimation for a two-sample treatment effect.


The package performs estimation and testing of the treatment effect in a 2-group randomized clinical trial with a quantitative, dichotomous, or right-censored time-to-event endpoint. The method improves efficiency by leveraging baseline predictors of the endpoint. The inverse probability weighting technique of Robins, Rotnitzky, and Zhao (JASA, 1994) is used to provide unbiased estimation when the endpoint is missing at random.

Maintainer: Michal Juraska
Author(s): Michal Juraska <mjuraska@u.washington.edu>, with contributions from Peter B. Gilbert <pgilbert@scharp.org>, Xiaomin Lu <xlu2@phhp.ufl.edu>, Min Zhang <mzhangst@umich.edu>, Marie Davidian <davidian@stat.ncsu.edu>, and Anastasios A. Tsiatis <tsiatis@stat.ncsu.edu>

License: GPL-2

Uses: leaps, survival

Released over 10 years ago.