stepp (

Subpopulation Treatment Effect Pattern Plot (STEPP).

A method to explore the treatment-covariate interactions in survival or generalized linear model (GLM) for continuous, binomial and count data arising from two or more treatment arms of a clinical trial. A permutation distribution approach to inference is implemented, based on permuting the covariate values within each treatment group. Bonetti M, Gelber RD (2004) . Marco Bonetti, David Zahrieh, Bernard F. Cole, and Richard D. Gelber (2009) . Ann A. Lazar, Bernard F. Cole, Marco Bonetti, and Richard D. Gelber (2010) . Lazar AA,Bonetti M,Cole BF,Yip WK,Gelber RD (2016) . Wai-Ki Yip,Marco Bonetti,Bernard F Cole,William Barcella,Xin Victoria Wang,Ann Lazar,and Richard D Gelber (2016) . Wang XV, Cole B, Bonetti M, Gelber RD (2016) < doi:10.1002/sim.6958>. Wai-Ki Yip (2017, ISBN:978-3-319-48846-2).

Maintainer: Wai-ki Yip
Author(s): Wai-ki Yip, with contributions from Ann Lazar, David Zahrieh, Chip Cole, Ann Lazar, Marco Bonetti, Victoria Wang, William Barcella and Richard Gelber

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: car, survival
Reverse suggests: tukeytrend

Released over 1 year ago.