stratification (2.0-3)

Univariate Stratification of Survey Populations.

This package performs univariate stratification of survey populations. The main function implements a generalization of the Lavallee-Hidiroglou method of stratum construction. The generalized method takes into account a discrepancy between the stratification variable and the survey variable. The determination of the optimal boundaries also incorporate, if desired, an anticipated non-response, a take-all stratum for large units, and a take-none stratum for small units. The well known cumulative root frequency rule of Dalenius and Hodges and the geometric rule of Gunning and Horgan are also implemented.

Maintainer: Sophie Baillargeon
Author(s): Sophie Baillargeon <> and Louis-Paul Rivest <>

License: GPL-2

Uses: Does not use any package
Reverse depends: stratbr, stratvns

Released almost 9 years ago.