surrosurv (1.1.24)

Evaluation of Failure Time Surrogate Endpoints in Individual Patient Data Meta-Analyses.

Provides functions for the evaluation of surrogate endpoints when both the surrogate and the true endpoint are failure time variables. The approaches implemented are: (1) the two-step approach (Burzykowski et al, 2001) with a copula model (Clayton, Plackett, Hougaard) at the first step and either a linear regression of log-hazard ratios at the second step (either adjusted or not for measurement error); (2) mixed proportional hazard models estimated via mixed Poisson GLM (Rotolo et al, 2017 ).

Maintainer: Federico Rotolo
Author(s): Federico Rotolo [aut, cre], Xavier Paoletti [ctr], Marc Buyse [ctr], Tomasz Burzykowski [ctr], Stefan Michiels [ctr]

License: GPL-2

Uses: copula, eha, lme4, MASS, Matrix, msm, mvmeta, optextras, optimx, parfm, SurvCorr, survival, R.rsp

Released about 2 years ago.