sybil (2.1.1)

Efficient Constrained Based Modelling in R.

This Systems Biology Library for R implements algorithms for constraint based analyses of metabolic networks (e.g. flux-balance analysis (FBA), minimization of metabolic adjustment (MOMA), regulatory on/off minimization (ROOM), robustness analysis and flux variability analysis). Most of the current LP/MILP solvers are supported via additional packages.

Maintainer: Claus Jonathan Fritzemeier
Author(s): C. Jonathan Fritzemeier [cre, ctb], Gabriel Gelius-Dietrich [aut], Rajen Piernikarczyk [ctb], Marc Andre Daxer [ctb], Benjamin Braasch [ctb], Abdelmoneim Desouki [ctb], Martin J. Lercher [ctb]

License: GPL-3 | file LICENSE

Uses: lattice, Matrix, lpSolveAPI, clpAPI, glpkAPI, cplexAPI
Reverse depends: BacArena, GlobalFit, metaboGSE, RSeed, sybilccFBA, sybilcycleFreeFlux, sybilDynFBA, sybilEFBA, sybilSBML
Reverse suggests: abcdeFBA, minval, sybilDynFBA

Released over 1 year ago.