tableone (0.7.1)

Create "Table 1" to Describe Baseline Characteristics.

Creates "Table 1", i.e., description of baseline patient characteristics, which is essential in every medical research. Supports both continuous and categorical variables, as well as p-values and standardized mean differences. Weighted data are supported via the survey package. See github for a screencast. tableone was inspired by descriptive statistics functions in Deducer , a Java-based GUI package by Ian Fellows. This package does not require GUI or Java, and intended for command-line users.

Maintainer: Kazuki Yoshida
Author(s): Kazuki Yoshida, Justin Bohn.

License: GPL-2

Uses: e1071, gmodels, MASS, survey, zoo, Matching, Matrix, ggplot2, survival, dummies, testthat, reshape2, knitr
Reverse suggests: RcmdrPlugin.EZR, rpsftm

Released over 3 years ago.