taxa (0.3.3)

Taxonomic Classes.

Provides taxonomic classes for groupings of taxonomic names without data, and those with data. Methods provided are "taxonomically aware", in that they know about ordering of ranks, and methods that filter based on taxonomy also filter associated data. This package is described in the publication: "Taxa: An R package implementing data standards and methods for taxonomic data", Zachary S.L. Foster, Scott Chamberlain, Niklaus J. Grnwald (2018) .

Maintainer: Zachary Foster
Author(s): Scott Chamberlain [aut] (<>), Zachary Foster [aut, cre] (<>)

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: crayon, dplyr, jsonlite, knitr, lazyeval, magrittr, R6, rlang, stringr, taxize, tibble, tidyr, testthat, roxygen2, rmarkdown
Reverse depends: metacoder
Reverse suggests: taxlist

Released 3 months ago.