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Tidy Messy Data.


Tools to help to create tidy data, where each column is a variable, each row is an observation, and each cell contains a single value. 'tidyr' contains tools for changing the shape (pivoting) and hierarchy (nesting and 'unnesting') of a dataset, turning deeply nested lists into rectangular data frames ('rectangling'), and extracting values out of string columns. It also includes tools for working with missing values (both implicit and explicit).

Maintainer: Hadley Wickham
Author(s): Hadley Wickham [aut, cre], Lionel Henry [aut], RStudio [cph]

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: dplyr, ellipsis, glue, lifecycle, magrittr, purrr, Rcpp, rlang, stringi, tibble, tidyselect, vctrs, testthat, knitr, jsonlite, rmarkdown, readr, covr, repurrrsive
Reverse depends: biclustermd, bunching, geotoolsR, ggmcmc, mnreadR, plantecowrap, quickpsy, radiant.data, Riex, rsample, sfc, shinySIR, simglm, staRdom, tidypredict, ushr
Reverse suggests: afex, ALA4R, altair, AMR, apaTables, ARTool, AzureKusto, baseballDBR, bayestestR, beezdemand, bench, benthos, bggum, bib2df, bisect, blorr, blscrapeR, BMRSr, bpbounds, broomExtra, BSDA, cancensus, cansim, canvasXpress, canvasXpress.data, causaldrf, classyfireR, climate, ClustImpute, contrast, correlation, cowplot, crawl, cSEM, cvequality, cyanoFilter, datafsm, datos, dbplot, decoder, derivmkts, detrendr, dimRed, dirichletprocess, DLMtool, dlstats, drake, DTAT, dupree, echarts4r, ecotox, edgarWebR, eemR, eesim, effectsize, eia, epiphy, ethnobotanyR, europop, expstudies, eyelinker, ezplot, fastR2, fauxnaif, fedregs, fgeo.tool, fivethirtyeight, flagr, forwards, fourierin, frailtyEM, FunnelPlotR, GADMTools, ganalytics, geomnet, ggcharts, ggfan, ggformula, ggparliament, ggthemes, ggwordcloud, googleLanguageR, groupdata2, GSODR, gt, gutenbergr, hal9001, hdme, hdr, heddlr, hilbertSimilarity, htmltab, htmlTable, hutils, idbr, imgw, JacobiEigen, jpndistrict, kntnr, Lahman, LDATS, linguisticsdown, localIV, lognorm, lplyr, madness, MANOVA.RM, matsbyname, metaplot, mice, mixdir, mlr, modcmfitr, mortAAR, mosaic, mosaicData, namedCapture, nandb, nanostringr, nc, NHSRdatasets, nomisr, nzelect, officer, ohenery, openEBGM, oppr, outcomerate, padr, panelr, parSim, patentsview, perccalc, permutes, phyr, physiology, politicaldata, pollen, pollstR, pomp, powerlmm, prevtoinc, princurve, projmgr, qicharts2, qualvar, quantities, questionr, R6Frame, radarchart, Radviz, ragg, railtrails, raw, RBesT, rdflib, REddyProc, replyr, rfbCNPJ, Rilostat, rlc, rmonad, robmed, rODE, rollply, rpdo, rpmodel, rsinaica, rtdists, RxODE, SCtools, see, segmentr, sf, SimDesign, simglm, simmer, simstandard, sjmisc, spanish, sparseMVN, ssdtools, stats19, sugrrants, sunburstR, survutils, tauturri, texmex, textmineR, tibble, tibbletime, tictactoe, tidyfast, tidyfst, tidytext, tidyxl, tilegramsR, tmap, truelies, tsfeatures, tsibble, tvgeom, unjoin, unvotes, usdarnass, usedist, USgrid, valr, VancouvR, vcfR, vinereg, vlad, volleystat, vroom, WDI, wikisourcer, wrswoR, wrswoR.benchmark, xgxr, yardstick, ypr

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  5.0/5 (1 vote)

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