tikzDevice (0.6.1)

A Device for R Graphics Output in PGF/TikZ Format.


The TikZ device enables LaTeX-ready output from R graphics functions. This is done by producing code that can be understood by the TikZ graphics language. All text in a graphic output with the tikz() function will can be typeset by LaTeX and therefore will match whatever fonts are currently used in the document. This also means that LaTeX mathematics can be typeset directly into labels and annotations! Graphics produced this way can also be annotated with custom TikZ commands.

Maintainer: The tikzDevice team:
Author(s): Charlie Sharpsteen and Cameron Bracken

License: GPL (>= 3)

Uses: filehash, ggplot2, stringr, testthat, evaluate
Reverse depends: pgfSweave
Reverse suggests: CPAT, dplR, dtwSat, gMOIP, knitr, lineqGPR, mkin, qgraph, RankingProject, survSNP, wrswoR, XLConnect
Reverse enhances: sfsmisc

Released over 8 years ago.