timeDate (2130.91)

Rmetrics - Chronological and Calendarical Objects.


Environment for teaching "Financial Engineering and Computational Finance"

Maintainer: Diethelm Wuertz
Author(s): Diethelm Wuertz and Yohan Chalabi with contributions from Martin Maechler, Joe W. Byers, and others

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: RUnit
Reverse depends: acc, EpiCurve, fArma, fAsianOptions, fAssets, fBasics, fBonds, fCopulae, fExoticOptions, fExtremes, fGarch, fImport, fMultivar, fNonlinear, fOptions, forecast, fPortfolio, fractalrock, fRegression, fTrading, fUnitRoots, RTAQ, samplesize4surveys, TimeProjection, timeSeries
Reverse suggests: atsd, bizdays, gmm, highfrequency, PIN, rattle, ssc, timetk, tsibble, xts, zoo
Reverse enhances: lubridate

Released over 9 years ago.