trelliscopejs (0.1.18)

Create Interactive Trelliscope Displays.

Trelliscope is a scalable, flexible, interactive approach to visualizing data (Hafen, 2013 ). This package provides methods that make it easy to create a Trelliscope display specification for TrelliscopeJS. High-level functions are provided for creating displays from within 'dplyr' or 'ggplot2' workflows. Low-level functions are also provided for creating new interfaces.

Maintainer: Ryan Hafen
Author(s): Ryan Hafen [aut, cre], Barret Schloerke [aut]

License: BSD_3_clause + file LICENSE

Uses: autocogs, base64enc, digest, DistributionUtils, dplyr, ggplot2, gtable, htmltools, htmlwidgets, jsonlite, knitr, progress, purrr, rlang, tidyr, webshot, Cairo, testthat, gapminder, covr, plotly, rbokeh, housingData, packagedocs

Released 11 months ago.