trio (1.9.3)

Testing of SNPs and SNP Interactions in Case-Parent Trio Studies.

Testing SNPs and SNP interactions with a genotypic TDT. This package furthermore contains functions for computing pairwise values of LD measures and for identifying LD blocks, as well as functions for setting up matched case pseudo-control genotype data for case-parent trios in order to run trio logic regression, for imputing missing genotypes in trios, for simulating case-parent trios with disease risk dependent on SNP interaction, and for power and sample size calculation in trio data.

Maintainer: Holger Schwender
Author(s): Holger Schwender, Qing Li, Christoph Neumann, Ingo Ruczinski

License: LGPL-2

Uses: LogicReg, haplo.stats, survival, mcbiopi

Released over 6 years ago.