tripack (1.3-8)

Triangulation of Irregularly Spaced Data.

A constrained two-dimensional Delaunay triangulation package providing both triangulation and generation of voronoi mosaics of irregular spaced data.

Maintainer: Albrecht Gebhardt
Author(s): Fortran code by R. J. Renka. R functions by Albrecht Gebhardt <>. With contributions from Stephen Eglen <>, Sergei Zuyev <> and Denis White <>

License: ACM | file LICENSE

Uses: Does not use any package
Reverse depends: adehabitatHR, alphahull, restlos, RSurvey, spdep, tpe
Reverse suggests: ade4, adegenet, geometry, hydrosanity, hyperSpec, INDperform, latticeExtra, latticist, prabclus, quantreg, rgl, RSurvey

Released almost 3 years ago.