uavRmp (0.5.3)

UAV Mission Planner.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Mission Planner provides an easy to use workflow for planning autonomous obstacle avoiding surveys of rtf-UAVs to retrieve aerial or spot related data. It creates either intermediate flight control files for the DJI phantom x UAVs or ready to upload control files for the pixhawk based flightcontroller as used in the 3DR Solo. Additionally it contains some useful tools for digitizing and data manipulation.

Maintainer: Chris Reudenbach
Author(s): Chris Reudenbach [cre, aut], Sebastian Richter [ctb], Lars Opgenoorth [ctb], Florian Detsch [ctb], Hanna Meyer [ctb]

License: GPL (>= 3) | file LICENSE

Uses: brew, data.table, devtools, gdalUtils, geosphere, htmltools, htmlwidgets, log4r, maptools, raster, rgdal, rgeos, roxygen2, sf, sp,, stringr, zoo, knitr, rmarkdown, mapview

Released 11 months ago.