vocaldia (0.8.2)

Create and Manipulate Vocalisation Diagrams.


Create adjacency matrices of vocalisation graphs from dataframes containing sequences of speech and silence intervals, transforming these matrices into Markov diagrams, and generating datasets for classification of these diagrams by 'flattening' them and adding global properties (functionals) etc. Vocalisation diagrams date back to early work in psychiatry (Jaffe and Feldstein, 1970) and social psychology (Dabbs and Ruback, 1987) but have only recently been employed as a data representation method for machine learning tasks including meeting segmentation (Luz, 2012) and classification (Luz, 2013) .

Maintainer: Saturnino Luz
Author(s): Saturnino Luz [aut, cre]

License: GPL-3

Uses: foreign, igraph

Released 12 days ago.