wTO (1.2.0)

Computing Weighted Topological Overlaps (wTO) & Consensus wTO Network.


Computes the Weighted Topological Overlap (wTO) networks. Once a data.frame containing the count/ expression/ abundance per sample, and a vector containing the interested nodes of interaction.It also computes the cut-off threshold or p-value based on the individuals bootstrap or the values reshuffle per individual. It also allows the construction of a Consensus network, based on multiple wTOs. Also includes a visualization tool for the final network.

Maintainer: Deisy Morselli Gysi
Author(s): Deisy Morselli Gysi, Andre Voigt, Tiago Miranda Fragoso, Eivind Almaas and Katja Nowick.

License: GPL-2

Uses: data.table, igraph, magrittr, plyr, som, visNetwork
Reverse suggests: CoDiNA

Released about 1 year ago.