wallace (1.0.5)

A Modular Platform for Reproducible Modeling of Species Niches and Distributions.


The 'shiny' application 'wallace' is a modular platform for reproducible modeling of species niches and distributions. 'wallace' guides users through a complete analysis, from the acquisition of species occurrence and environmental data to visualizing model predictions on an interactive map, thus bundling complex workflows into a single, streamlined interface.

Maintainer: Jamie M. Kass
Author(s): Jamie M. Kass [aut, cre], Bruno Vilela [aut], Matthew E. Aiello-Lammens [aut], Robert Muscarella [aut], Cory Merow [aut], Robert P. Anderson [aut]

License: GPL-3

Uses: dismo, dplyr, DT, ENMeval, leaflet, leaflet.extras, magrittr, maptools, raster, RColorBrewer, rgdal, rgeos, rmarkdown, shiny, shinyjs, shinythemes, spocc, spThin, testthat, XML, knitr

Released over 1 year ago.