wavethresh (4.6.1)

Wavelets statistics and transforms..


Performs 1, 2 and 3D real and complex-valued wavelet transforms, nondecimated transforms, wavelet packet transforms, nondecimated wavelet packet transforms, multiple wavelet transforms, complex-valued wavelet transforms, wavelet shrinkage for various kinds of data, locally stationary wavelet time series, nonstationary multiscale transfer function modeling, density estimation.

Maintainer: Guy Nason
Author(s): Guy Nason <G.P.Nason@Bristol.ac.uk>

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: MASS
Reverse depends: BHMSMAfMRI, binhf, BootWPTOS, calcWOI, costat, cthresh, curvclust, CVThresh, dLagM, haarfisz, locits, LS2W, MeanShift, mvLSW, refund, treethresh, waveband, WiSEBoot
Reverse suggests: DDHFm, FRegSigCom, icaOcularCorrection, warbleR
Reverse enhances: EbayesThresh

Released about 7 years ago.