wrapr (1.5.0)

Wrap R Tools for Debugging and Parametric Programming.


Tools for writing and debugging R code. Provides: 'let()' (converts non-standard evaluation interfaces to parametric standard evaluation interfaces), '%.>%' dot-pipe (an 'S3' configurable pipe), 'build_frame()'/'draw_frame()' ('data.frame' example tools), 'qc()' (quoting concatenate), ':=' (named map builder), 'DebugFnW()' (capture function context on error for debugging), and more.

Maintainer: John Mount
Author(s): John Mount [aut, cre], Nina Zumel [aut], Win-Vector LLC [cph]

License: GPL-3

Uses: testthat, knitr, rmarkdown
Reverse depends: cdata, replyr, rquery, seplyr, sigr

Released 7 months ago.