wux (2.2-0)

Wegener Center Climate Uncertainty Explorer.


Methods to calculate and interpret climate change signals and time series from climate multi-model ensembles. Climate model output in binary 'NetCDF' format is read in and aggregated over a specified region to a data.frame for statistical analysis. Global Circulation Models, as the 'CMIP5' simulations, can be read in the same way as Regional Climate Models, as e.g. the 'CORDEX' or 'ENSEMBLES' simulations. The package has been developed at the 'Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change' at the University of Graz, Austria.

Maintainer: Thomas Mendlik
Author(s): Thomas Mendlik [aut, cre], Georg Heinrich [aut], Armin Leuprecht [aut], Andreas Gobiet [ths]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: abind, class, corpcor, fields, gdata, Hmisc, ncdf4, reshape, rgdal, rgeos, rworldmap, sp, stringr, lattice

Released about 4 years ago.