xpose4generic (4.3.5)

Xpose 4 Generic Functions Package.


Xpose is collection of packages to be used as a model building aid for non-linear mixed effects (population) analysis using NONMEM. It facilitates data set checkout, exploration and visualization, model diagnostics, candidate covariate identification and model comparison. xpose4generic is a package containing generic functions for plotting, as well as class definitions. Highly customizeable, but requires more user input that xpose4specific.

Maintainer: Andrew Hooker
Author(s): E. Niclas Jonsson <niclas.jonsson@farmbio.uu.se>, Andrew Hooker <andrew.hooker@farmbio.uu.se> and Mats Karlsson <mats.karlsson@farmbio.uu.se>

License: LGPL (>= 3)

Uses: lattice, xpose4data
Reverse depends: xpose4, xpose4classic, xpose4specific

Released over 7 years ago.