xseq (0.2.1)

Assessing Functional Impact on Gene Expression of Mutations in Cancer.


A hierarchical Bayesian approach to assess functional impact of mutations on gene expression in cancer. Given a patient-gene matrix encoding the presence/absence of a mutation, a patient-gene expression matrix encoding continuous value expression data, and a graph structure encoding whether two genes are known to be functionally related, xseq outputs: a) the probability that a recurrently mutated gene g influences gene expression across the population of patients; and b) the probability that an individual mutation in gene g in an individual patient m influences expression within that patient.

Maintainer: Jiarui Ding
Author(s): Jiarui Ding, Sohrab Shah

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: e1071, gptk, impute, RColorBrewer, sfsmisc, knitr

Released about 4 years ago.